Four-time Emmy winning Lisa Lew is a founding producer of shows that redefined news and re-branded genres of daytime viewership in America. Lisa is one of the founding executive producers and creators of the revolutionary “Last Shot With Judge Gunn” – a show that enters the dark world of real drug addicted, convicted felons and saves many of their lives. “LAST SHOT” TOOK THE 2012 EMMY FOR “OUTSTANDING COURT/LEGAL PROGRAM”.

Lisa is currently in production on several series for the A&E/Bio Network, Travel Channel and Sky International. Her news background saw her flourish on national reality magazine television shows for the major networks and re-invent the courtroom genre with Judge Judy — who now dominates daytime TV.

In 1986, Lisa was a founding producer of the no-holds-barred upstart, A Current Affair with Maury Povich, a show that changed the way news is reported in America. From there she moved to Paramount’s rival news magazine Hard Copy and saw it’s ratings double.
While on Judge Judy Lisa was also a founding producer on Judge Joe Brown a show that made the top ten in syndication. Two years later she won three consecutive Emmy Awards as Senior Supervising Producer of the critically acclaimed Cristina’s Court. (2008, 2009, 2010 Emmys). Lisa’s fourth Emmy was as co-EP of “Last Shot With Judge Gunn”. (2012 Legal/Courtroom category).
Lisa has also been nominated for Emmys seven times, a Genesis Award, and has for 20 years excelled in senior positions on newsmagazines all over the world.

Lisa’s producing record covers a list of the biggest news stories of our time, yet she is equally accomplished in developing strategic industry alliances and the promotional launch machinery that ensures success.
She has produced four top-ten syndicated shows in the US, including Judy, Affair, Joe Brown and Hard Copy.Lisa had a central role in the success of The Montel Williams Show as a founding producer on Montel’s first season in Los Angeles and delivered world exclusives for the landmark CBS daily magazine, Day And Date.

Lisa showed her special talent for reporting on the unknown as Show Producer on the daily series, The Other Side and as Co-Executive Producer of the internationally successful, The Extraordinary, hosted by Corbin Bernsen.
Lisa’s list of world exclusives includes some of the most famous and notorious figures in modern history – O.J. Simpson, Robert Oswald (Lee Harvey Oswald’s brother), The Beverly Hills Madam, Charles Manson, Robert Blake, Jeffrey Dahmer, Lee Harvey Oswald’s widow and brother.

Television news and reality pioneer Peter Brennan is creator and Executive Producer of three TV programs that revolutionized American viewing — A Current Affair, Judge Judy and Last Shot With Judge Gunn.

Affair rebranded news in America and changed the way all networks now cover it. Judge Judy, the number one show in daytime, has turned viewing habits upside down.

And Judge Mary Ann Gunn’s show has the highest stakes in the history of TV — literally saving human lives every week.
During his career Mr. Brennan has created and executive produced four top ten TV shows in national syndication and received four Emmy awards and eight nominations. A Current Affair aired for ten years as the top daily newsmagazine in the US reaching an unprecedented 10.00 national rating.

In the 90’s Mr. Brennan executive produced Paramount’s news magazine, Hard Copy. The show’s ratings doubled in the first year of his leadership. In 1996 Mr Brennan created and produced the record breaking court show, Judge Judy, its companion show, Judge Joe Brown and then the triple Emmy-winning “Cristina’s Court.”

During this period, Mr. Brennan also created the morning news program Good Day New York for Fox television station WNYW, which was an immediate success and has since been franchised toFox stations throughout the USA.

Brennan created, wrote and produced the first CBS reality movie, An American Story – Bad Night In Cottageville, as well as The Extraordinary, a one-hour series that was distributed worldwide.

After 15 years in print journalism, Mr. Brennan began his television career creating Good Morning Australia, that nation’s first national morning news and current affairs show. The show has been on air for a quarter of a century. Earlier he was a foreign correspondent for News Corporation in New York and City Editor for The Sydney Daily Mirror.
Mr. Brennan authored two novels, Sudden Death and Razorback. The latter was made into a motion picture distributed by Warner Brothers in 1983.

Mr. Brennan’s three “Cristina’s Court” Emmys were awarded in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and “Last Shot With Judge Gunn” took the Emmy for the same Legal/Courtroom category in 2012.


8 time Emmy award winners.